International Women’s Club of Sofia


The International Women’s Club – Sofia is a non-profit organisation with the following objectives: welcoming and assisting newcomers to Bulgaria, furthering knowledge and understanding of Bulgaria, fostering good will and friendship among club members, and giving financial and material support to the local community through charity projects.

The Charity Foundation of the International Women’s Club – Sofia IWC aims to assist Bulgarian groups and institutions to more effectively meet the needs of the most marginalised populations in the country, especially, but not exclusively, women, the elderly, children deprived of parental care, those who are mentally or physically disabled and ethnic minorities. In March 2018 the IWC funded WWO Bulgaria’s project  “Growing by Playing” which aims at supporting the development and integration of refugee children in Bulgaria. Visit the IWC’s website to learn more about their activities.

Bread House Network

The Bread House Network is a unique network of cultural centers which bring people closer together through bread-making. The Bread Houses are local institutions where regular bread-making events with vulnerable groups of people are held. The main instrument for social change used by the Bread Houses is the so-called community bread-making activities, which have social, therapeutic and cultural-educational aspects. Through the Bread House program the network partners with local institutions (day centers for people with disabilities, schools, community centers, orthodox churches, museums, etc) and trains them to organize regular bread-making events with vulnerable people. Bread House Sofia has organized a team-building activity with the professionals from WWO Bulgaria’s Toy Library Network, and, in December 2017 it organized a cookie baking activity with the refugee children and their parents who participate in WWO Bulgaria’s “Restart Play” project. You can visit the Bread House Network’s website to learn more about their mission.

Fadi Haddad, MD

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist


Dr. Fadi Haddad is an American child and adolescent psychiatrist with extensive expertise in emergency psychiatric care. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at NYU Child Study Center, author of multiple publications, one of the founders and the first director of the only Children Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program in NY State. Dr. Haddad has developed special expertise in working with adopted children and their parents. He is trained and certified in dyadic developmental psychotherapy which uniquely addresses the behavioral and emotional challenges that adoptive families face. He is a long time friend and supporter of Worldwide Orphans Foundation and gives freely of his time and experience to visit the countries in which WWO works. In May 2016 he visited Bulgaria where he provided expert support to specialists who work with children and adolescents. Learn more about Dr. Haddad on his webpage.



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