20.05.2018Play-based Activities in the “Growing by Playing” project

The first play-based activities with refugee children and their parents in the project “Growing by Playing” funded by the International Women’s Club – Sofia began in April 2018. The project supports the development, integration and adaptation of children and their families who have received refugee or humanitarian status in Bulgaria.

Play supports the adaptation of children and their families in their new environment and helps them to overcome the trauma caused by the events that have made them leave their countries and seek refuge in Bulgaria. WWO Bulgaria provides a safe and secure space for the children where they can do immerse themselves in play. During the play sessions children and parents communicate, have fun and learn Bulgarian. Play creates opportunities for developing the children’s cognitive, communication and social skills and also supports the parents to learn to recognize and respond to their children’s needs.


In the gallery below you can see a small part of the moments of joy we have captured in photographs over the last month.