Music in Motion

The goal of the Music in Motion program is to support early child development through positive social connections and a child-centered approach that gives each child the opportunity to participate fully and to be noticed and respected.

The Music in Motion program provides an opportunity to engage children and caregivers in the world of music and dance in an exciting way. In this way the program fosters the parent-child relationship. The combination of music, movement and dance supports child development, self-expression and psycho-emotional well-being.

The Music in Motion sessions consist of structured activities following a specific sequence, described in the Module cards, which are a part of the Music in Motion toolkit. All modules are structured in the same basic format with a consistent Welcome Song, transition songs, various activities, and a Goodbye song. Each module is unique in its musical selections and offers a variety of ways to engage with the activities.

The program contains:

  • Musical instruments for a maximum of 12 children and 12 caregivers
  • 6 modules with CDs for children ages 0-3
  • 6 modules with CDs for children ages 3-7

It is recommended that group size does not exceed 12 children and 12 caregivers and that children are grouped by age. These limits are specifically designed to ensure the excellence of the program by allowing each child to have space to move and to engage with the adults and peers during the session.