Play for Achievement

WWO Bulgaria, the NGO Club and Kindegarten “Slaveyche” in Targovishte are launching a new project. The “Play for Achievement” project aims to support the development of children aged 3-5 to their full potential by making them part of educational activities in kindergarten through play. The activities will be implemented by specialists using the WWO Element of Play program both in group sessions and individually for children with developmental difficulties. The design of the project provides conditions for the active involvement of the parents in the education and development of their children through participation in the achievement monitoring of the children and ECD seminars. The project provides for training seminars and methodological support of the teachers to help them implement the educational program and project activities. The effectiveness of the EOP program will be evaluated at the end of the project so that the activities supporting ECD will continue to develop on a larger scale in Targovishte.

Children’s developmental progress will be tracked using the Developmental Profile 3(DP-3) tool. The tool uses information provided by the parents and teachers to assess children’s development in five key areas – physical development, social-emotional development, cognitive development, adaptive behavior and communication. Children with developmental difficulties will receive individual support and, if necessary, will be referred to other specialists.

Project Activities

Element of Play

The EOP Program provides safe place with developmental toys involving children in creative play and teaching them fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, social-emotional skills and communication. Each toy is carefully selected so that it supports the main domains of ECD and can be used in a variety of ways depending on the age and interests of the children.

Child Development Screenings

The screening will be carried out with the agreement of the parents by using the Developmental Profiles 3 (DP-3) screening tool. The process will be supported by the screening specialist and implemented with the active participation of all parents who will be informed and consulted on a regular basis.

Parent Support

The monthly training seminars for parents will focus on topics such as child development, attachment, trauma, positive parenting, etc. The educational sessions provide an opportunity for parents to communicate, share experience and support each other. Parents will be divided into two training groups each group meeting three times a month within 6 months.