Toy Library Network


Библиотеки на играчките в страната през 2016

Toy Library Network in 2016

The “Toy Library Network” project expands the activities of the Toy Library program, which WWO Bulgaria has been providing in partner organizations since 2009. The network is a community of specialists working in Toy Libraries in partner organizations throughout the country (4 residential-care institutions and 15 community-based service providers). The project comes in response to the need to support the professionals in their work with children and families and create an environment that is conducive to professional networking for exchanges of experience and good practices, trainings and communication.

The network was created to:

  • facilitate the exchange of experience among Toy Library specialists;
  • build the capacity of professionals in the field of early childhood development and learning;
  • share and solidify best practices for early childhood learning through play;
  • support the development of innovative practices in the field of early childhood development and learning;

Plans for 2017:

The main activities planned in 2017 relate to the continuing support of Toy Library specialists in order to:

  • develop a working framework for measuring the progress of children enrolled in Toy Library activities;
  • increase parental involvement in play sessions;
  • improve ways to use play with children with disabilities;
  • develop activities/projects related to the sustainability of the Toy Library;

The planned activities for 2017 include:

  • Piloting a new documentation for measuring children’s progress – March 2017;
  • Toy Library Training – April 2017;
  • Music in Motion Training – April 2017;
  • Two regional Toy Library Network meetings with visits to Toy Libraries and a thematic seminar;
  • Annual Toy Library Network Meeting – December 2017;