“Little Heroes” is an initiative of the America for Bulgaria Foundation aiming at the transformation of the children’s ward of UMBALSM “N. I. Pirogov” into a fabulous and hospitable environment for children and their families. Prof. Dr. Asen Baltov, Executive Director of Pirogov believes that this initiative will create an anti-stress environment for all children. This will be useful for both young patients and their parents.

The Worldwide Orphans Foundation participated in the initiative by making a donation of games and toys worth a total of BGN 4,219. It also designated learning spaces under the “Element of Play” Program in three departments of the hospital – the Pediatric Trauma Clinic, the Pediatric Breast Surgery Center, and the Breastfeeding Department. In addition, a member of our team was conducting weekly sessions with children and parents in the playrooms for a year.

Here is what our game specialist says about his work in the hospital: “Our weekly meetings with the children accommodated for treatment in Pirogov Hospital continue. These meetings are a lot of fun, even though they happen in the hospital. The playroom in one of the departments of the children’s surgical clinic is special not only because it is colorful and full of toys, but also because it “charges with a lot of energy”. In this “energy place”, we also meet many parents. Today we want to tell you about them and share their feedback.

“It is wonderful here! I have been with my children in different hospitals, but I have never seen such a place for children to play, to laugh… and to shift their attention from the disease. A place that charges with a lot of energy!”, shared with us a mother.

“This is a very good idea! That there is such a room for children because they need games constantly. We didn’t expect to see anything like this here!”, said a young father.

“Can I take a picture of her playing, how happy she is here, so she can remember the hospital with something good, not just the operation?”, said the mother of a 4-year-old girl.

“Well, at last! Something really good for the children!”, said the father of an 11-year-old boy.

We are glad to be part of the “Little Heroes” initiative and to continue developing this good practice of hospital care for children. Because hospital care, according to both children and parents, must include fun.”


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