Rositsa Petrova

Executive Director

There isn’t a more satisfying feeling than the feeling of helping and giving. In my work so far, I have learned that efforts must be united to reach more people in need. WWO supports not only the children and parents it serves, not only its partners but also us – the team who hava the freedom to respond and seek flexible solutions. My motivation comes from the fact that every day is different from the other, that difficulties arise but also pass away because the path we have chosen to follow is a path to improving the lives of children, a path to changing human lives and creating a childhood, filled with games and joy.

Diana Ruseva

Program Coordinator

It is a privilege for me to be part of an organization that makes the present of children at risk useful and fun, filled with smiles and curiosity about the world and learning. The feeling of giving hope and building perspective for the future of children together with their families is inspiring. I am happy to work in a developing organization that accepts the challenges of reforms in the country and the promotion of full care for children with proactivity and solutions.

We introduce our Play specialists Kamelia, Ralitsa, Spaska, Tsvetina and Fulia, who are the Element of Play® ambassadors in five of our partner organisations

ß¡¿¼¬á Sp½¿n îÑG¿¡

Hayachi Association – Novi pazar


NGO Club Association – Targovishte


É὿µá Å«»«óá

Znanie Association – Lovech

ß¡¿¼¬á æ»á߬á î¿sᬽ«óá

Nov Pat Association – Hyredin

ûóÑG¿¡á ÿ¿¡ñáa߬á

Health and Social Development Association – Sofia






Yanita Toncheva, lawyer

Chairperson of the Board of Trustees

It is an honor and a privilege for me to be part of the team of this Foundation!  

The good needs daily support, and children deserve the best in life!  

Every day is unique and it is us who can make it meaningful!   

That’s why I want to be the reason for a child’s smile, for the fulfillment of their dreams, for the joy in their eyes, for them feeling trusted and safe!  

That is why, with deep conviction and a sense of mission, I defend the rights of vulnerable children, contribute to changes in education, development and a better future for Bulgarian children! 

I am a strong believer that together we can do more!

Lois Kam Heymann, M.A. CCC-SLP, is a Speech and Language Pathologist with over 30 years of experience working with children with listening, language, and learning challenges and their parents.

Lois has presented hundreds of in-service workshops, seminars, and conferences, nationally and internationally, sharing her knowledge and techniques with parent groups, school systems, and speech-language pathologists. Lois also works training therapists and teachers nationally as well as internationally in London, India, Dubai, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Ethiopia, and Bulgaria.

Lois’ book: The Sound of Hope: Recognizing, Coping with and Treating Your Child’s Auditory Processing Disorder (Random House Publishing) is a parent guide to the importance of listening skills development in children birth to 8 years old. The book has a forward by Rosie O’Donnell.

Lois has developed Sounds Fun! A listening, language and pre-literacy program for children ages 3-6.

Lois’ mission is to share her philosophy, techniques and methods with parents, therapists and teachers around the world.

Lois Kam Heymann


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