The Multiprofile hospital for active treatment serves the entire region of the district of Targovishte. Our partnership dates back to January 2017, when the project “Traveling Library: Toys and Music in Action” was launched, in which a separate playroom was opened in the children’s ward of the hospital. The project started with the renovation and furnishing of a playroom, which was realized entirely with funds from WWO donors. The room is furnished and equipped with toys, games, and drawing materials for children of all ages.

Conducting organized or individual activities with children by a representative of the Club of Non-Profit Organizations Targovishte is carried out with funding from the WWO.

The project aims to support the recovery process of children who are temporarily hospitalized by providing opportunities for educational and recreational activities in the hospital environment. Regular activities with children and parents are organized and held to promote the child-parent relationship.

Within the project, children and parents have daily access to resources about recreational activities. Twice a week the room is visited by a game specialist who organizes activities with the children and parents.

Shared by the children 

“We have puzzles at home, too, but these are new and I haven’t solved them.” 

“I am not hungry. I want to stay here.” 

“Are birthdays celebrated here?” 

“It’s very nice here, it’s calm and you can play… And are other children coming? Will they come?” 

“I’m not sick anymore, am I?” 


Shared by parents 

“Today is a great day for us. Sometimes it takes a little to smile. I laughed with my whole heart. Thank you!” 

“Great idea. I’ve never seen anything like it.” 

“We are glad that there is such a wonderful space for little ones and grown-ups. We were very surprised. I hope that in more places they will create a friendly environment for children.”


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