The program is specifically designed to support parents to play at home. It contains elements from the program “Element of Play” with the purpose to give parents play ideas to support early childhood development.The program was created in connection with the danger of coronavirus infection and the declared global pandemic. We have created and continue to build on descriptions of fun and useful games to help our partner organizations locally and, above all, to help families caring for young children. You will find them in Resources link

We have created and digitized stories for children who can listen, watch and play. They are created in two parts to keep children interest and to develop in parents the skills to play and encourage children’s development. Visit our youtube channel

It was created on the idea of Lois Kam Hayman, speech therapist, speech pathologist from the USA and developed for Bulgaria by the team of WWO. It is specially adapted to support families in caring for children in conditions of quarantine, illness and other restrictions. It is structured to offer parents different game types in support of children’s development, positive communication and fun. It is easy to apply and offers games with the items and materials available at home, so it can reach even the poorest households so that children can play there too.

The program is based on the Element of Play approach. It is suitable and contains resources for partner organizations in creating and developing versions of contact with families through various technologies – groups on Facebook, Skype conferences, by phone and others.

The play supports five areas of child development:

  • General motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Language development and communication
  • Cognitive development
  • Socio-emotional development

The Philosophy of the program “Element of Play at home”

  1. The proposed ideas aim to support the 6 skills of the 21st century that are so important for children – collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, confidence and content
  2. To continue the full development of children in a situation of isolation;
  3. Encourage positive interaction between children and parents;
  4. Children and parents to play and have fun together;
  5. Use the available resources available to the household;
  6. Parents should be partners in children’s games, not teachers and mentors;
  7. Children should be encouraged to develop their creativity and imagination;
  8. The proposed ideas are only intended to relieve parents and children of stress, not to burden them further.

Program content:

  • Games in support of physical and psycho-motor development: for body and mood and for hands;
  • Cognitive development games: water games, sand games, plasticine games, math and science;
  • Games in support of communication and language development is: fairy tales;
  • Games in support of social and emotional development: music and learning while eating or cooking;
  • Free Game
  • Rule games – cards, board games and creative games : card games and drawing.


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