WWO – Bulgaria has been working to support early childhood development and learning for vulnerable groups of children and their families in the country since 2009. In order to expand the scope of the practical application of the program Element of Play®, over the years the organization has developed partnerships with government institutions, municipal authorities and non-governmental organizations that provide educational and social services for children at risk and their families. Since the end of 2016, they are part of a network of specialists working with the program Element of Play®.


The model of WWO is related to purposeful and consistent work in the direction of developing specialists from partner organizations to maintain a single standard of quality in the implementation of our author’s programs for early childhood development through play. Thus, quite naturally, the Network arose as a result of both the identified need from the part of the organization and the stated desire of the partners to have space to exchange experience and knowledge, and receive professional support.

The goals of the Network of specialists are related to:

  • Capacity building of partnership teams;
  • Maintaining a network where our partners are connected to share experiences and ideas;
  • Shared knowledge about early childhood development and the program Element of Play®;
  • Ensuring sustainability by developing local capacity;
  • Formation of belonging to a learning community;

Since 2016, WWO has supported the Network through:

  • Annual meetings;
  • Working visits and meetings in every place;
  • Trainings;
  • Supervisions and consultations;
  • Joint projects and initiatives with members of the Network;
  • Program monitoring;
  • Story telling.

Members of the Network are WWO partners who are developing the  program Element of Play ® locally. Their diversity is a huge treasure!


By the middle of 2020, the partners of the WWO – Bulgaria include 13 NGOs, 4 municipalities and 9 government institutions providing social and educational services.


Communication with the members of the Network is carried out in writing on a monthly basis also during working visits and various events. Twice a year, the members of the Network submit written feedback with suggestions for improving the work of the Network.


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