Spaska Petrova


“Nov Pat” Association


“Children’s dreams are called fairytales. And those of adults – hopes. Magic knows no age.”


My personal motivation for the implementation of the Element of Play® program is my desire to see the change in the eyes of people and children. Working with children and families from vulnerable communities has always brought me a sense of fulfillment. As long as you have heart and strong will and you never give up, you can always create a path where you least expect it. And a child need someone with heart and faith. The Element of Play® is one ‘building block’ in the road to change, a piece of magic that makes it easier to go forward. You should always believe that goodness will win at the end.



Spaska has been working on The Element of Play® program since 2019 in community centers and kindergartens in the municipalities of Mezdra, Vratsa and Oryahovo. It is her calling to be a teacher so she easily makes her way through to children’s hearts. Sisi is a very dynamic person, always kind and seeking. Her enthusiasm is infectious and we are glad that she is one of the ambassadors of the program in the North-East part of Bulgaria, where the levels of children living in poverty are the highest in the country.


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