Music and movement-based programs are popular around the world, varying in content and duration for different age groups of children. They are based on the idea children to have contact with musical instruments and music, a safe place for dancing and free movement, and adults (parents) involved in children’s play. Early childhood is an extremely rewarding period for children to learn to play a musical instrument, but programs based on music and movement do not offer this type of learning. They are aimed at supporting the overall development of the child.

The Music in Motion program aims to support early childhood development through positive social interaction. It provides opportunities to engage children and adults in the world of dance and music in an exciting way and promotes a parent-child relationship. The combination of music, movement and dance supports children’s development, self-expression and psycho-emotional state.

„Music in motion“ in Bulgaria

The Music in Motion Program was introduced in Bulgaria by WWO in 2010 and it is part of Element of Play®. It is designed for children from early to preschool age, offering a different play experience to children. It uses a multisensory approach to meet children with music and introduces them in a fun way the sounds – loud, quiet, high, low, melodies, rhythms. Encourages cooperation and group communication, interaction, tolerance, leadership, independence and more.

The program is easy to implement and accepts extremely positively by children and adults. During a play session, children perform different movements, dance, share or partner in activities in pairs or in groups. Exercises move the body and calm the mind. The music is rhythmic and captivating, also selected from around the world (in the classical form of the program). Activities include dancing, learning about various musical instruments and communicating. The movements are open and in accordance with the abilities of the children and they have the freedom to explore the music. The program is realized with a wide range of musical instruments and others (eg veils and colored ribbons, parachute, balls). Technical resources are also needed – player, speakers, music discs. The program also includes a manual with the steps in the session, although it can be applied flexibly, according to the needs and mood of the children. The facilitator must have undergone specialized training in the program before conducting sessions with children and adults.

The benefits of child development from the Music in Motion Program

body sensation and control over movements / proprioception /, coordination, general and fine motor skills
organization and arrangement of information, nonverbal communication, memory, language and speech
positive inclusion and interaction, initiative, confidence, tolerance, compliance, adaptability, receptivity to people and events, persistence
coordination and consistency, abstract thinking, memory, observation, learning colors and shapes, solving easy tasks / obstacles, curiosity and exploration
self-regulation of emotions, control over physiological and vocal impulses; commitment, interest, curiosity and attitude to learning; autonomous thinking.
joy of joint activities, positive attitude, joy of learning and learning skills

Program resources

• Set of musical instruments for a maximum of 12 children and 12 adults
• 6 modules with CDs for children aged 0-3 years.
• 6 modules with CDs for children aged 3-7 years.

Music in Motion sessions are structured activities following a specific activities described in the modules that are part of the Music in Motion Kit. All modules are structured in a similar way in the following sequence: welcome song, transition songs, various activities and games, and goodbye song. The music selection in each module is unique and provides a basis for a variety of activities.

It is recommended that the groups should not exceed 12 children and 12 adults, age grouping being the optimal option. These restrictions ensure the quality of the program by providing each child with enough space to move and interact with adults and peers during the sessions.


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