This creative reading and arts program introduces children to literature and supports language development at a stage before they begin to read both socio-emotional and problem-solving skills in a fun and creative way. The children listen a fairy tale and have the opportunity to express what they have learned through creative movements and activities related to the presented topic. Each session ends with marking the child’s contribution. The program is for group work with children aged 3 to 7 years and aims language development, concentration, creativity, motor skills, socialization and cognitive development.

„Story telling“ in Bulgaria

The program has been implemented in Bulgaria since 2017 and is part of Element of Play®. It is used as a resource for:
• stimulating the speech development of children;
• natural environment for learning Bulgarian by children with different mother languages;
• development of cognitive development;
• promoting a positive relationship between the child and the adult;
• communication in groups;
• development of creativity and imagination;
• a natural way to learn and explore the world.

The impact of the program is especially good for bilingual children or children learning a second language, as well as for children who are in the stage of speaking their native language. It supports language development at a stage before children start reading and writing. Books with little text, simple and clear sentences and rich illustrations are used, because children at an early age think and perceive the world visually and with less concentration.

Child development benefits of Story telling program

Walking, balancing, jumping, running
Manipulates with objects of different sizes, cuts with scissors, applies, turns, arranges objects
Language and speech, prepositions, following instructions, creativity, role-playing games, rhythm, asking questions, vocabulary, listening, storytelling, asking questions
Positive interaction, initiative, cooperation, toy sharing, tolerance, consistency
Counting, location, memory, observation, concentration

Program resources
Books, figurines, materials for drawing and application and others.


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